EMILY’S POST: July 2015

Written By: Emily Hollister | Photography By: Brian Sager

Milly & Grace proprietress Emily Hollister curates the perfect Fourth of July festivities.

Fourth of July on Nantucket means picnicking, so head to your favorite beach, roll out your blanket, and make an evening out of it! Here are my recommendations for a feast before the grand finale.

BSP-EmilyHollister-5.29.15-1054THE MENU

. Mint lemonade
. Lightly fried chicken (It’s actually delicious cold!)
. Red potato & pea salad
. Green bean salad
. Buttermilk & chive biscuits
. Mason jar raspberry cheesecakes

THE COCKTAIL: The Watermelon Mojito

Combine in a cocktail shaker:
. 4 Fresh Bartlett’s Farm organic mint leaves
. 1oz. of simple syrup
. Juice from half of a lime
. 2oz. of watermelon juice (Puree watermelon in a blender and pour through a fine mesh strainer)
. 2oz. of White Rum

Add a handful of ice to the cocktail shaker and shake well. Tip: you know your cocktail has been properly shaken when the outside of the shaker begins to frost. Pour into a mason jar over ice. Top off with club soda and garnish with a few mint leaves.


The morning after the fireworks, head downtown and grab an iced coffee and the island’s best breakfast sandwich at Provisions before making your way to the Boat Basin. Find a spot at the edge of the dock, dangle your feet and breathe in the salt air while you admire the view. Afterwards, head up to Main Street and grab some fresh produce from the Bartlett’s Farm truck and a bouquet of flowers from the Wildflower Farm truck. Hit the road before the hustle and bustle begins!


BSP-EmilyHollister-5.29.15-1024For the afternoon, rent a Jeep from young’s, crank the tunes, and take the road less traveled. Nantucket isn’t just about the beautiful historic architecture, white picket fences and lush gardens. There is a wild, rugged side to the island that is just waiting to be explored. If you want a starting point, head down Polpis Road and then take a right onto Altar Rock Road. The best way to appreciate the beauty of the island is to really get lost!


When it’s time to dine again, why not try a take-out clambake? At Straight Wharf Fish, order a cooked and cracked lobster, coleslaw and their famous blue fish paté with crackers. Then pick up a bottle of Friuli Pinot Grigio or a six-pack of Whales Tale at currentVintage. Call ahead to Island Boat Rental, where Jim can rent you a Boston Whaler for the evening. Motoring around the harbor at sunset, you’ll remember this reservation better than most.

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