Written By: Leise Trueblood

Halloween fun with a Nantucket spin.

This is no trick – we’re treating you to a whole list of island-inspired costumes that are sure to put a little magic into your spooky season! While Island Variety and Dan’s Pharmacy are good go-to’s for picking up a complete Halloween outfit, we’ve kicked the creativity up a notch with our list of easy to make Nantucket-themed costumes for 2019. Any one of these looks will have you ‘rock’ing the annual Halloween parade and any other haunted happenings.

The Grey Lady

For this classic Nantucket look, you’ll need your best ladylike groutfit (an all grey outfit). We like this grey dress from Asos for its polished pleats and cozy heather grey color. Complete the ensemble with a grey wig and elbow-length grey or silver gloves. Bonus points for pearl necklaces!


Chicken Box

For this costume, we’re bringing back an old favorite! Grab an old cardboard box and cut out the bottom completely. Then, cut holes on the two sides for your arms and on the top for your head. Use paint or markers to draw the infamous Box logo on the front. Round it out with a construction paper chicken hat to top off the party-going outfit.



Or, The Whale

With a name as unusual as “or, The Whale” this Main Street eatery is practically begging for a costume interpretation – especially when the Halloween Parade will go right by its namesake! All you’ll need is this hat from Amazon, and a white t-shirt that you can mark with the word “or,”. Or [no pun intended] you can use our example from CustomInk if you want to be really fancy. Be sure to carry a copy of Herman Melville’s masterpiece Moby Dick to complete the look.


Yellow Dog and Black Dog (Pairs Costume)

An old island rivalry comes to life in this pairs costume. Grab a yellow t-shirt and pants (likewise with black for the Black Dog), and then purchase a Halloween make-up kit at Dan’s Pharmacy or Island Variety. Follow this easy dog make-up tutorial from Ade Kumala Putri to look like a true island pup (she also shows how to make a simple dog headband). Bonus if you have a yellow or black lab you can bring with you to the parade!


Nantucket Breakfast of Champions (Group Costume)
The Beet, The Green, The Bean, Lemon Press

This could be considered one of our favorite group costumes to date. If you’re feeling up to it, this idea could be done with full length costumes of each vegetable, fruit, or legume listed above. But if you’re looking for something quick and easy, order one of each of these shirts from Amazon for each person in your group (Beet shirt, Green shirt, Bean shirt, Lemon shirt). Before you hit the streets, cross out the ‘Bean’ under ‘Green’, add ‘Press’ after ‘Lemon,’ and write “Nantucket Breakfast of Champions” on the back of the shirt. Make sure you stick together, and you’ll certainly be the Champions of Halloween!

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