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Top picks for healthy grab-and-go on Nantucket.

If you’re on Nantucket this summer, chances are you won’t be spending too much time indoors. Between beaches, boats, and endless opportunity for outdoor fun, the last thing you want is to interrupt your day to prepare a healthy meal. Fortunately, one of the many benefits Nantucket has to offer is the plethora of healthy grab-and go-options that can be found in all parts of the island. To help narrow down your choices, here are a few top picks from MiniNutrition.




Madaket is an ideal beach spot safe from the bustle of town that offers both harbor and ocean waters to swim in. This village is only a little over six miles from downtown Nantucket (which can seem like quite a distance once you’re on the island). With only one restaurant — Millie’s — and a shack-sized market to choose from, there is a surprising amount of variety to create the perfect lunch.

Mini Picks: The Siasconset sandwich at Millie’s. Hummus, avocado, tomato, carrots, cucumbers, pepper jack cheese, and sprouts on multigrain bread. Hold the chips and head into the market while you’re waiting for your order to grab a small kale salad, fresh sliced fruit, or veggie crudités with hummus. Not interested in sandwiches? The Great Point salad is drool-worthy, just be sure to ask for the dressing on the side.



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This area of the island has a surplus of small pocket beaches that are great for surfers and kids of all ages who like to play in the waves. Not too long ago, this area of the island was void of any grab-and-go options. Today there are two staple stops: 167 Raw and Bartlett’s Farm.

Mini Picks: The tuna burger from the 167 Raw food truck is to die for, and we suggest upgrading the potato chips to the homemade tortilla chips and guacamole. Looking for a lighter bite? Grab the fresh ceviche from 167 Raw before heading to Bartlett’s Farm for some farm-grown veggies and ACKfresh juices to snack and sip on.



Lemon press

Whether you’re headed to a beach located near town or just passing through to tackle a few morning errands, there is an abundance of options to choose from. One of MiniNutrition’s new favorites is Lemon Press located on Centre Street. This hip spot, in it’s second year on Nantucket, boasts food that’s not only good for you but also prepared with the environment in mind. And with options ranging from fresh salads to chia bowls, there is something for everyone.

Mini Picks: The Georgia Greens smoothie is a refreshing mix of vegetables, fruit, and cold pressed juice that is the perfect pick me up when you’re on the go. For a more substantial meal, give the falafel gyro a go! While this is currently a menu special, it makes a frequent appearance and is well worth the trip into town for.




This quaint village on the east end of the island is a required stop in our opinion. If you happen to find yourself out at this end of the island, there are a few dining treasures to pick from. Our favorite? Claudette’s Sandwich Shop. Despite a simple and basic menu, this sandwich shop delivers serious mouth-watering flavor.

Mini Picks: You really can’t go wrong here because all of the sandwiches are served on wholegrain bread, loaded with veggies and topped with their house-made sauce. Our go-to is the Smoked Turkey. A little tip: one sandwich is enough for two people to share! And to add a nutritional boost to your meal, swing around the corner to the ‘Sconset Market and grab some fresh fruit to bring along to the beach with your sandwich.

All said and done, no matter where you go on island you are sure to find health (and delicious!) grab-and-go lunch and snack options if you know where to look.


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Kathleen Minihan, founder of MiniNutrition, is a Registered Nutritionist with a Masters in Nutrition and Health Promotion. Kathleen aims to share the importance of healthy living and illustrate that health and nutritional change can be enjoyable and achievable. MiniNutrition offers a lifestyle approach to health, incorporating sound science and small sustainable changes that create positive and lifelong health habits. To learn more or work with Kathleen, you can visit her website here.

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