Photography By: Emily Millington

A quick chat with local blogger, podcaster, & content creator, Georgie Morley.

N MAGAZINE: You work in so many mediums — writing, photography, podcasting. How would you describe what you do?

GEORGIE: My elevator pitch is that I run a website (In It 4 The Long Run) and a podcast about wellness and personal growth that inspires women to trust their intuition.

N MAGAZINE: You’ve cultivated a social media following of tens of thousands of people. What’s your top tip to growing an audience online?

GEORGIE: Create and share content with the intention of adding value and connecting to your people. The right ones will find you if you are consistent, patient, and there for the right reasons. Be genuine, be consistent and don’t quit.

N MAGAZINE: What’s one of the best pieces of advice you’ve ever received?

GEORGIE: My stepdad shared something that’s always stuck with me: “Don’t let the amount of time something will take stop you from doing it. Time will pass either way, so go for what you really want.”

N MAGAZINE: Who is someone who inspires you on Nantucket and why?

GEORGIE: Holly Finigan, the creator of Nantucket blACKbook, is one of my mentors and inspirations. She’s someone who constantly innovates and seeks purpose, while also bringing the community along for the journey and lifting everyone up in the process. All of her work is done with such kindness and positive energy.

N MAGAZINE: What five things should a day tripper do to have the quintessential island experience during Stroll?

GEORGIE: Grab yourself a hot chocolate at Handlebar Café. Stroll through town to see the amazing window boxes and decorations. Pop into some of the markets that feature Nantucket artists and craftsmen for some great holiday shopping. Check out all the decorated trees throughout town. Stop into the Whaling Museum to see the Festival of Trees.

N MAGAZINE: What’s one of the biggest challenges you’ve faced being an entrepreneur on Nantucket?

GEORGIE: It can be easy to get stuck in a rut or repeat the same things year after year. Getting inspired, and educating myself though travel and new experiences has been so important to keep innovating and growing on island.

N MAGAZINE: What’s something only a person born on Nantucket would understand?

GEORGIE: True confession: I wasn’t born here. I was born in Bath, England and moved to the island when I was five. However, as someone who grew up on island, I feel like I got a very special perspective on community and entrepreneurship.

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