Written By: Alexandra Catchpole

Alexandra Catchpole gives her top five tips for living happy & healthy this summer.

At the core, everything is made of energy. When we are in tune with the world of energy around and
 within us, we become aware of the internal and external shifts we can make to live a healthy, balanced
 life and honor our body, mind, and soul so they will work in unity. Here are some tips I use to keep my energy healthy.

1. Get Grounded
Grounding down to the earth is my go-to if I’m feeling stressed, anxious, or just generally having a hard time getting through my day. Grounding puts our body, mind and soul back in sync and helps us become more present, calm, focused and able to accomplish anything we set our mind to. Grounding yourself doesn’t take long, and its benefits can transform your life. To ground yourself, visualize roots coming out of your feet and anchoring you to the earth, jump up and down, bury your feet in the sand, practice yoga, walk barefoot, or do whatever you feel like anchors you to the earth.

2. Smudge Yourself
The art of smudging has been around for thousands of years. The purpose is to assist in removing negative energy from yourself or a space by changing the molecular structure of the air and energy. To smudge yourself or your space, you burn sacred plants — white sage and palo santo are the most popular — or spray a purifying smudge spray around you or your space. The smoke/spray clears away any unwanted energy and leaves you feeling clear, lighter, revitalized, more positive, relaxed and cleansed.

3. Spend Time in Nature
Nature is the best natural healer and reset button. Whether it is from the fresh air or the sunshine, we bloom from the inside out when connecting to the natural elements. The natural world’s energy vibrates at such a high level that it only makes sense that when we step away from our devices, responsibilities and other people — whether it’s on a hike, a bike ride, or a walk on the beach — we can find an inner sense of peace, tranquility and gratitude.

4. Keep Your Chakras Balanced
The chakras are seven main centers of power that lie within your energetic body and extend from the bottom of your spine to the top of your head. Each one assists in regulating your body, from the immune system to organ function to your emotions. When your chakras are balanced you will feel balanced, your life will flow much more effortlessly, and you will find that responsibilities and stressors are easier to handle. Some techniques you can use to balance them include guided meditation, visualizations, healing crystals, yoga, color therapy or a pendulum.

5. Honor Your Feelings – All of Them
We live in a time when feelings are not always welcomed into the minds and hearts of those around us. We have a hard time confronting how we may want to act if it goes against the norms of society. I believe it is of the utmost importance that we honor every single feeling that comes up. It is known that when we disown or suppress our emotions they can manifest as an illness within our body or negativity in our life. When we give ourselves the space to honor and express what we are feeling at all times, we allow ourselves to exist within a state of continued healing.

The owner of Nantucket Healing Arts, Alexandra Catchpole is a Shamanic practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive, Meditation Teacher, and a Lightworker. To learn more, click here.

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