Bomba The Kitten Needs A Home!

The Nantucket Island Safe Harbor for Animals (NISHA) is looking for a foster to take in Bomba the kitten. NISHA describes Bomba as a sweet, petite kitten, but Bomba has come down with a very small case of ringworm on her nose. While NISHA said animals with ringworm are still routinely euthanized at shelters around the country, they are confident the support of a loving foster will help her overcome this obstacle, which is a completely treatable fungal infection much like athletes foot that can found on humans, animals and even the soil, NISHA added.

Normal treatment can take around 6–8 weeks in a shelter, but can be halved if the animal is treated in a loving, low-stress home.

With Bomba being a kitten and at the age where social interaction is fundamental to her well-being, NISHA said they really want to cut that treatment time down.

“We are looking for a foster with no other animals in the house or someone who has a bathroom or other confined tile space for easy clean up,” NISHA said. “We will supply you with everything you will need to help get Bomba healthy. She will continue to take oral medication in conjunction with a topical treatment on her nose. We will provide food, toys, and will instruct you on room/enclosure set up, cleaning/disinfecting and how to shower her with love while she heals.”

NISHA said they are always available for advice and support in addition to their check-ins they will already be having.

“While animals with ringworm are still routinely euthanized at shelters around the country, we know with your help Bomba will be on her way to living her best life,” NISHA said.

NISHA is asking anyone interested in Bomba to call 508-825-2287 to learn more about this unique foster opportunity.

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