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The husband-and-wife team behind Yellow Productions master the virtual event.

If someone told you a year ago that they’ll meet you on Zoom, you might think they were referring to some kind of newfangled aerobics class. Yet today, virtual meeting platforms like Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp and FaceTime have not only become critical for doing business, but have gone beyond the boardroom and into every facet of American life. Virtual cocktail parties, concerts, fundraising galas and even weddings have become commonplace, forcing many people to become ad hoc television producers to attempt the perfect backdrop and lighting for their virtual event. In this new normal, Yellow Productions has emerged as the leader in conceptualizing, developing, producing and executing virtual events on Nantucket and beyond.

This summer, the husband-and-wife team behind Yellow Productions, Chris Wendzicki and Laura Cunningham, produced virtual events for some of the island’s most prominent organizations. From NiSHA’s Keep Our Shelter in Place live telethon, to the Nantucket Cottage Hospital’s Boston Pops for Nantucket concert, to the Boys & Girls Club’s Tim Russert Summer Groove Virtual Experience, Wendzicki and Cunningham have leveraged their decades of video production expertise to create unforgettable virtual events. “They gave us the task of concept to completion with their events and the content in them, from creative brand films, scripting and the direction,” Cunningham described. “For us to be trusted by such large organizations was a highlight of our careers out here.”

While producing the live event, Yellow Productions also integrates prerecorded content designed to enhance audience engagement, sponsor recognition and brand awareness. In many cases, these prerecorded videos are standalone masterpieces, such as the “Nantucket in Harmony” music video Yellow Productions created for the Nantucket Cottage Hospital. Orchestrating a virtual sing-along with twenty-six island musicians performing “Lean on Me” from their home, Yellow Productions created a video that went viral after it premiered during the Boston Pops for Nantucket concert.

Long before Yellow Productions took the reins in the virtual event space, they were already creating content designed to boost and support the island. Whether it was their fundraising video for the Nantucket Cottage Hospital’s Palliative & Supportive Care services, or their inspiring piece for the Nantucket Chamber of Commerce in the early days of the pandemic, or their celebratory clip for Nantucket High School’s graduating class, Yellow Productions has proven again and again that the Nantucket community is at the heart of their business.

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