Tom Nevers Home Intruder Was “Preppy” Then “Naked”

Nantucket Police Department detectives are investigating a series of break-ins in a remote Tom Nevers neighborhood last Friday including one in which the perpetrator was discovered naked inside a home on Jonathan Way by a startled resident after 2 a.m. Shortly before that, another break-in on Jonathan Way was perpetrated by an intruder in “preppy” clothing who awoke a female resident in her room, placed his finger to his lips and said “shhh” before fleeing the home. Another homeowner on nearby Sandbury Road reported that their daughter heard a knock on her bedroom window around 2 a.m. The three cases are “probably related” according to Nantucket Police Chief Bill Pittman. The naked intruder was described as young white male, possibly a teenager to early 20s, with dark hair, small build, and approximately 5 ft. tall. Only the naked intruder was immediately reported to police. The other two incidents were reported later that day after “word got out about similar crimes in the neighborhood,” Pittman said. Here’s how the incidents were reported to investigating officers: 

Incident 1, Jonathan Way, around 1:30 a.m. A female resident awoke to find the intruder in her bedroom wearing “preppy” clothing including dark khaki shorts, with brown hair, and brown close facial hair. After give the “hush” sign, the man fled the residence. Police believe entry was gained through an open first floor window. 

Incident 2, Jonathan Way, around 2:00 a.m. A male resident of the home awoke after hearing noises and creaking doors and went downstairs to discover a naked intruder inside the residence, who immediately fled. The resident’s 12-year-old daughter reported that she had heard someone in her room that night who she had presumed was her younger brother, so she didn’t look. Investigators have not yet determined how entry was made. 

Incident 3, Sandbury Road, around 2:00 a.m. A resident reported to police that his daughter heard a knock on her bedroom window during the night. She woke her mother and they looked around but couldn’t find anything. 

All three incidents are under investigation by the Nantucket Police Department Detective Unit, Pittman said. “The Nantucket Police Department would like to remind our residents and visitors that it is always a good practice to make sure that your doors and windows are secure before retiring for the night. The Department would also like to encourage residents to contact the police department anytime that anything such as this occurs immediately upon discovering the intruder. Our best opportunity to identify and apprehend a suspect is immediately following the commission of the crime.”

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