The newest spin on cycling hits the high seas.

As any serious cyclist will tell you, road biking on Nantucket can get a little monotonous after a while. Let’s face it, there’s only so much pavement to go around. But now there’s a new bike making a splash on the  cycling market, and it might just unlock some serious pedaling potential around the island.

SchillerThree years ago, Judah Schiller invented a state-of-the-art water bike to cross San Francisco bay. A year later, he used it to cross the Hudson River. Now, Schiller believes he’s perfected his bike’s design and is selling it to cycling enthusiasts to the tune of around $5,000 depending on options.

The S1 model neatly breaks down to fit in the trunk of your car and takes about ten minutes to assemble. With a single gear, the bike can hit up to ten miles per hour, depending on wind and tide. but beyond a means of transportation, Schiller’s water bike puts a new spin on breaking a sweat.

“We want to give people of all athletic abilities the most exhilarating and dynamic cycling experience riding the world’s most advanced water bike,” Schiller says. “With nearly one billion bikes around the globe built for land, our eyes are singularly focused on the trailblazing voyages, weekend expeditions and incredible sunset spins on a new aquatic terrain. the ride doesn’t end at the water’s edge.” Schiller bikes have been seen cruising around Martha’s Vineyard, and could land on Nantucket soon.

To order one of your own, click here.

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