Fine art photographer Lauren Marttila brings beauty to walls near and far.

In the realm of fine art photography, there’s no shortage of talent on Nantucket. The Grey Lady lends herself to capturing breathtaking photos that keep our bevy of local shutterbugs snapping away. Yet in less than five years, Lauren Marttila has succeeded in carving out her own corner of the island’s photography landscape. With her stunning atmospheric images and savvy business sense, Marttila now has her Nantucket prints dotting homes and shops up and down the East Coast.

Design by Liz Norris

“I love working with interior designers and homeowners to bring the perfect piece into their homes,” Marttila says. “Finding the right piece for a client’s home or collaborating with their interior designer—that’s what I’m here for.” Indeed, collaborations have been a key component to Marttila’s growing following. “The team at Milly & Grace has been with me from the very start,” she says. “They took a chance on me and have helped me grow and learn what customers want. I am forever grateful to them.” After first launching her collection at Milly & Grace—which continues to carry her work— Marttila has forged partnerships with major home design companies like Anthropologie.

Most recently, she launched a collection exclusive to Serena & Lily, which displays her work in Westport, the Hamptons and Palm Beach. “The team at Serena & Lily is made up of superbly talented and artistic people, and it has been a dream come true to expand my collection with them,” she says. “Making these connections and friendships is ultimately what keeps me coming back to this.”

Marttila’s prints at Serena & Lily

Of course, Marttila’s inspiration remains the island of Nantucket where she lives with her husband, Neil, who first encouraged her to pursue photography a decade ago. “Photography has been a creative outlet for me,” Marttila says. “In order to get ‘the perfect shot,’ I need to take a deep breath and relax. I search for that moment of stillness in the center of all of the energy.” Her pieces emote the serenity and calm that she finds while immersed in Nantucket’s environment. Capturing those fleeting moments, Marttila is able to share the wonder of the island in ways that can transform a home.

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