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How Anna P. Jay is redefining jewelry on Nantucket and beyond.

When Nantucket resident Anna P. Jay was pursuing a geology degree at William and Mary, she wasn’t exactly sure how her study of rocks and their formation would translate into a career. She didn’t see herself working in a research lab or on an oil rig as many geologists end up doing. Instead, after graduation, she found her calling quite literally like a diamond in the rough.

“I had no idea geology could have such a fun and practical application in jewelry,” says Jay, who launched Anna P. Jay Fine Jewelry on Nantucket in 2020. After falling in love with the world of fine jewelry, Jay enrolled in the distinguished Gemological Institute of America and pursued graduate degrees in diamonds, pearls and gems. Today, she’s redefining jewelry on Nantucket and beyond by both creating and procuring staggeringly beautiful pieces for her clients.

“Buying jewelry should be fun or at least not scary and overwhelming,” insists Jay, who operates her eponymous jewelry service on 14 Federal Street. “You should know what you are getting and what true quality is. I can educate you on that and we can have some fun while we do it.” Whether in search of an engagement ring, wedding band, earrings, necklace, bracelet or fine watch, Jay is a master at connecting her clients with the perfect pieces that suit their style, sensibility and budget. Her procurements make a statement while also becoming family treasures.

Jay also creates fine jewelry of her own, marrying her gemological expertise, her geology back- ground and her own exquisite sense of style. “We can work together to create the piece of your dreams,” she says. “Something high quality but versatile—a piece you can wear running errands, and then to brunch at Black-Eyed Susan’s, and then home by the fire or out for dinner at the Wauwinet.” From her fun Ruby Gumdrop earrings, to her elegant Girl with the Pearl earrings, to her dazzling Orion’s Belt necklace, Jay’s pieces fuse fun with high fashion. Not to mention, they’re a rock-solid investment. Just ask Anna P. Jay…she’s a geologist.

While based on Nantucket, Jay also works with clients virtually from across the country. To book a consultation, visit or follow @annapjay on Instagram.

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