NOT SO FAST: Beth English

Photography By: Zofia Crosby

That’s a wrap: a quick chat with currentVintage proprietress Beth English.

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N MAGAZINE: What first brought you to Nantucket?
ENGLISH: A brochure about Cape Cod. I was a Southern gal at Clemson who had never been North of D.C., so I thought it was time to do some exploring.

N MAGAZINE: What’s the best Christmas gift you’ve ever received?
ENGLISH: My mother used to collect Christmas ornaments for my brother and me. When I was nine, I was able to buy small Christmas gifts for my family with money I had earned that summer. David was only six, so he wrapped up one of his favorite ornaments and gave it to me. He is still a very sweet person.

N MAGAZINE: Do you have any Stroll traditions?
ENGLISH: The Festival of Trees party at the Whaling Museum is one of the great nights of the year!

N MAGAZINE: Why wine and fashion?
ENGLISH: Vintage wine and vintage fashion are the perfect pairing in my world.

N MAGAZINE: Who is the most famous person to shop at currentVintage?
ENGLISH: There have been a few, but my favorites are Malia Obama and Drew Barrymore. Drew has taken photos and tweeted about us.

N MAGAZINE: What’s the best find you’ve had on one of your annual buying tours?
ENGLISH: A perfect pair of vintage leather riding boots with wooden boot jacks at a flea market in Paris.

N MAGAZINE: What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?
ENGLISH: I was once a waitress at the North Shore (where American Seasons is now).

N MAGAZINE: Beth English cannot live without…
ENGLISH: White Burgundy.

N MAGAZINE: How would you like to see Nantucket’s fashion scene change?
ENGLISH: I’d like to see more personal style. I think we are getting a little lazy style-wise.

N MAGAZINE: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?
ENGLISH: Go for it.

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