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There’s something brewing at Roastd this summer and it ain’t just coffee. The little general store which has helped the island catch a caffeine buzz as well as a hemp-based chill-out is adding a juice line this summer: Gardn by Roastd …see what they did there?

Lynne Begier, Roastd’s proprietor, has been Nantucket’s very own “healing enthusiast” since opening in 2017. She’s elevated the island’s coffee ritual in the little shop on Orange Street with CBD treats, house-made nut milks, plant-based products, and a plethora of healthy goodies. With an ethos rooted in wellness, integrity, and transparency it only makes sense that she’s adding organic and locally sourced juices.
Lynne cast a line out recently seeking help in the juice world and she found two ladies who have a passion for all things local and organic.

The Gardn juice duo of Kerry O’Brien and Rachael Oickle rose to the occasion “to provide the community with a healthy grab and go option,” says Oickle. “But there is so much more to it. It’s about creating the conversation of sustainability, food and drink choices, supporting local, and overall health and wellness.”

They’ll be cold-pressing juices with their shiny new Goodnature M1. “The technology behind it is pretty insane,” says Rachael. “Its herbivore grinder extracts every bit of nutrients and reduces waste significantly.” The girls will be curating a menu for Nantucketers while knowing exactly where all of their product is coming from.

“It’s thoughtful from the beginning to end. We care about where the ingredients are sourced and how they will aid in body function,” Oickle said. Whether you’re looking to build immunity, get your daily fiber fix, or simply cure a hangover they’ll have the juice for you. With excitement, Rachael concluded “To be able to connect with our community over better choices through experience and education is a huge goal.”

You can find Gardn juices in the cooler at Roastd soon or order online for pick-up.

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