Photography By: Kit Noble

A quick chat with Old Saint Nick.

What’s the biggest logistical challenge of delivering presents on Nantucket?

Apart from the famous Nantucket fog? Trying to land the sleigh on a widow’s walk is harder than finding a parking spot in August.

Have you made any upgrades to the sled?

Many modifications over the years, but I like my hot cocoa holder. I’m still holding out for Elon Musk to roll out a self-driving sleigh.

What’s your favorite tradition at Nantucket Stroll?

I love riding through downtown on the fire engine, seeing everyone waving from the sidewalks. Even if Joe Biden’s on-island, I’ll be the most famous face in town.

Which reindeer loves Nantucket most?

Rudolph, of course. How do you think they came up with Nantucket red?

Yeah, how does Rudolph’s nose work in the fog anyway?

Better than Brant Point.

What’s your favorite cookie?

I’ve never met a cookie that I didn’t like, but I’m particularly partial to chocolate chip!

Any other requests?

Carrots for the reindeer…they love them!

Do you ever receive letters from adults who summer on Nantucket?

I often do, yes. This year, they’ve mostly asked for interest rates to stay low.

What are you doing this offseason?

Mrs. Claus and I always do a couple of weeks on Christmas Island. This year we’ll probably just take the sleigh, given all the COVID restrictions at the airport.

What did you ask for this year from Mrs. Claus?

Apple TV. But I think she’s getting me a Peloton. Too many cookies this year.

What’s your favorite beach?

Fat Ladies Beach.

If you could change one thing about Nantucket Stroll, what would it be?

Make it a month long!

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