Michael Gaillard Studio features works from Michael Gaillard’s diverse fine-art photography practice. This year, all of the works on display are a part of his ongoing portrait of the landscape of Nantucket. Each of these landscapes are offered in three sizes in a small limited edition. In order to achieve the scale and clarity evidenced in his images, Gaillard uses an 8 x 10 film camera for his landscape work (the same type of camera employed by Ansel Adams). He then uses a drum scanner (the highest-quality digitization technology) to convert the image to a digital file from which the final print is made in his Brooklyn studio.

His work hovers between representation and abstraction, conveying the character of the space depicted while allowing this view to function independently as color and form. Drawing parallels to 19th century landscape painting traditions, color field painting, and the New Topographics photography movement, these landscapes manifest a hybrid that oscillates between grandiose specificity and calculated abstraction.

A native of Nantucket and a graduate of Nantucket High School, Michael studied photography at and received his BA from Stanford University and his MFA in visual arts from Columbia University. During the winter he lives in Brooklyn, NY and travels the world fulfilling artistic commissions for his clients.

For more information and to view his work, visit Michael Gaillard Studio at 2 South Beach Street (below Oran Mor) or online here. Instagram: @michaelgaillard

On island? Join Michael for a gallery reception, with raw bar, wine, and cheese, on Saturday, August 5th from 6 – 9:30 PM.

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