A quick chat with BROdenim founder Laura Brodigan.

What was the first thread of inspiration for your business?

I’ve always been enthralled with fashion and with empowering other females by encouraging them to be proud of their passions and story. I started making jackets for friends and local female entrepreneurs. The jackets were fun and fashionable, but they were also personal and expressed what the person stood for. What better way to tell your story than to wear your story?

How did you get started?

I started BROdenim about five years ago out of my apartment in the North End. I would make custom jackets with custom patches for people that would portray their personal stories. I started getting involved in the sports world and made a lot of game-day fashion wear. My items have been worn at Super Bowls, World Series and Stanley Cup games. I grew the entire business via social media and by working with influencers and celebrities.

How did you get your business out of your apartment and end up on Nantucket?

After getting my jackets on people all over the country and getting press surrounding them, I started getting hired by corporate companies to do on-site events where we would do on-site customization activations with patches that we would design. As this activity gained more traction, we decided to do pop-ups where we would come up with fun designs that reflected the area. I had my first pop-up last year on Centre Street on Nantucket. This year we are on Easy Street.

What three words would you use to describe BROdenim?

Expressive, unique and fun.

How do you keep your creative juices flowing?

As a creative, it’s about finding inspiration in all facets of life. Whether it’s traveling, meeting new people or exploring new places, you observe and learn from experiences and incorporate them into your work. A lot of BROdenim is inspired by the people whom I work with and the stories they share with me.

What’s an unforgiveable fashion faux pas on Nantucket?

Walking on the cobblestones with spiked heels. Other than that, anything goes on Nantucket.

What outfit would you pull together to create the perfect outfit for a night on the town here on the island?

A fun colorful sundress or a two-piece matching set paired with, of course, a denim jacket.

Based on style alone, during which other era do you wish you were born?

The sixties. It was rebellious, bold and youthful. It definitely left its mark on modern fashion.

What’s one thing most people don’t know about you?

My background is actually in finance and I quit my job to fully pursue BROdenim and a career in fashion.

What’s one piece of advice that has served you well as a young entrepreneur?

Always be willing to listen and learn from others, but always have the courage to stay true to yourself.

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