Written By: Robert Cocuzzo

Nantucket Whaler keeps it cool on the Island.

With its flagship location on 7 Old South Wharf, Nantucket Whaler operates like an old maritime haberdashery, where customers can actually hop directly off their boats to pick up a durable yet fashionable outfit for their next voyage. Indeed, the charming dockside shop smacks of classic New England nostalgia, from the wainscoting walls to the coiled dock rope and nautical motifs throughout. This feels like the kind of place where Jack Kennedy would have enjoyed a cigar.

But it’s the clothing—the crisp oxford button-downs appropriately named Rainbow Fleet; the rugged outerwear; the comfy jeans, corduroys and chinos; cozy sweatshirts and sailor’s tees—that really tells the story. Whether heading out to sea or out on the town, Nantucket Whaler’s lines transition seamlessly from high seas to high society, sewn with the spirit of adventure, Americana, and authentic island living.

The brand style translates the grit, strength and endurance of those early nautical explorers into well-crafted clothes for modern men and women who embody those same core values. Some Nantucket Whaler products incorporate proprietary ADVANTEDGE® technology that has performance features combining function with fashion.

While the brand’s name pays homage to islanders, adventurers and seafaring men and women of yore who once made Nantucket an economic epicenter, today’s Whaler is committed to protecting marine mammals. Nantucket Whaler is proud to support the Whale and Dolphin Conservation whose mission is to protect the wildlife that has defined Nantucket’s waters for generations. The brand also finds other ways to give back to the community like participating in local events and providing much-needed face masks to those on the frontline at Nantucket Cottage Hospital earlier this spring. Like the mariners of old, Nantucket Whaler believes in having “all hands on deck” and never giving up the ship.

For those who cannot visit the nostalgic and inspirational store in the heart of the island on 7 Old South Wharf, you can shop anytime at

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