75-foot Sailboat Breaks Loose in Nantucket Harbor During Tropical Storm Elsa

The 75-foot sailboat Halcyon broke loose from its mooring Friday afternoon in Nantucket Harbor amid the heavy winds from Tropical Storm Elsa.

The potentially dangerous situation was swiftly resolved thanks to the quick action by crews from Coast Guard Station Brant Point, who secured the Halcyon before it could cause any damage or injure the two sailors who were on-board the vessel.

The Halcyon was towed to the end of Steamboat Wharf, where it was secured for the duration of the storm for safety purposes and leaving the unusual site of a large pleasure boat tied up next to the Steamship’s M/V Eagle.

Coast Guard Station Brant Point Master Chief Boatswain’s Mate Andrew Babione said his crews were headed out of Nantucket Harbor for heavy weather training and were at the jetties when they first heard the distress call.

“We realized the vessel was in danger, so we turned around real quick from the jetties, headed inbound to the harbor and saw the boat immediately,” Babione said. “It was in danger of running aground, and the worse case scenario: running into other boats causing major damage and risking the lives of the two people on board.”

The boat was being dragged by the wind northward toward Station Brant Point itself. 

“We immediately knew we had to take action,” Babione said. “It’s big and very heavy – 75-feet and 80 tons – it would have significantly damaged itself and anything else it hit.”

Despite being in their smaller 47-foot motor life boats, the crews from Station Brant Point were able to secure the Halcyon with a side tow, and guide it to Steamboat Wharf. 

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