Celebrating its fifth year next month, the Nantucket Yoga Festival is the perfect opportunity to reflect, re-center and re-energize. With passes ranging from the opening night to the full festival, there are plenty of ways to engage and participate. Not a seasoned yogi? No worries! There are workshops for every level… all you have to do is have an open mind. And if you need more convincing, we’ve rounded up five of the top reasons we’re excited for this year’s festival.

Opening Night Ceremony

Nantucket Yoga Festival will begin with a bang — live music, inspiring speakers and a slackline yoga performance at the Westmoor Club — appropriately kicking off a weekend of health, relaxation and mindfulness. Lilias Folan, one of America’s most knowledgeable and respected yoga teachers, will speak along with Stephen Cope, a psychotherapist, best-selling author and practiced yoga instructor of 15 years. Music by electric cellist and vocalist Jami Sieber is sure to be a hit, and we know that it will be fascinating to observe the skill and artfulness of a slackline yoga performance (which YOU will then have the chance to try later in the weekend!) Buy your tickets here.


Slackline Yoga / Circus Yoga

For an exciting twist on the traditional, check out the Slackline Yoga and Circus Yoga workshops. Performed atop a taut rope, slackline yoga brings new balancing challenges for a unique yoga experience. The Circus Yoga workshop, run by Nantucket’s own Marjory Trott, welcomes any yogi over age seven for an inclusive practice focusing on self-confidence, trust, focus and teamwork.

Roll and Realign / Massage Therapy

Roll into the most relaxing Nantucket Yoga Festival with various classes focused on healing and relieving your hard working body. David Vendetti’s workshop, “Roll and Realign,” is different than any normal massage. You will use body-rolling tools to target various parts of the body to relieve tension and shift back into alignment. And if you are looking for a more standard massage, Nantucket’s own By Casendra Massage Therapy will be providing deep tissue massages in half hour, one hour, and 10 minute sessions. Loosen up and stretch out with these amazing instructors!

Robert Sturman Nantucket Warrior

Mastering the Art of Yoga Photography

Having trouble finding that perfect shot to showcase your practice? NYF has you covered. World traveling yoga photographer Robert Sturman will reveal his photography secrets in this interactive workshop. This class will assist models, yogis, and both experienced and not-so-experienced photographers in learning how to take the perfect photo. All you need is your phone or camera and a whole bunch of curiosity! Get creative as you learn about composition, balance, the pose and the environment, connection with your model, and beyond. We’re certain your photography will be transformed!

Morning Meditation on the Beach

They say one positive thought in the morning can improve your whole day. To find the truth in this, join Larisa Forman for a morning meditation practice on the beach. She will lead participants through breath work, a series of poses, and into deep meditation. Relax and become one with the ocean, sand and Universe before beginning the rest of your yoga-filled day.

morning meditation

For more information on Nantucket Yoga Festival and to buy your pass, click here.

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