167th Heaven

The 167 Raw food truck is back in full swing and rockin’ and rollin’ once again. The staple in Nantucket’s unofficial “food corridor” on Hummock Pond Road has been cranking out the freshest and highest quality seafood snacks for you to take on-the-go or to enjoy in their little garden.

With the recent stretch of gorgeous weather I’ve been lucky enough to spend some time in the 167 garden oasis with both my two-legged and four-legged friends. Who isn’t a fan of sitting in the sun with some fish tacos, ceviche, and a cerveza? Since the garden’s inception, I’ve always been a fan of enjoying the island’s freshest catch as quickly as possible. However, I wouldn’t fault anyone for wanting to enjoy their food while watching the Cisco surf.

167 comes correct with food truck grub. The crew doesn’t complicate things; they put out a consistent product that’s packed with extraordinary flavor. The perfectly shareable snacks are a must. Freshness is evident when trying their homemade chips with the famous guacamole or tuna poke. A pro-tip is to get both and double-scoop; guac first of course.

Closing out with any of the taco or sandwich choices will have you satisfied, but I’m partial to the carnitas tacos. This is my sleeper menu item (pun intended). While I highly recommend anything this place gives me from the ocean, the slow-cooked and crispy pork is something that I’ve been trying to replicate in my own kitchen for years. Along with the tacos, the tuna burger, lobster roll, and fish sandwich are all worth writing home about. You can’t go wrong.

I recommend biking out to 167 Hummock Pond Rd for delicious eats and a very chill vibe, but if you need to drive they have ample parking next door. The food truck is open from 11am-7pm daily and the perfect spot for a quick lunch break, a casual first date, or a pre-sunset dinner.

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