Town Installs Permanent Erosion Monitoring Stations

The town has installed three permanent erosion monitoring stations align the south shore, including at the end of Nonantum Avenue, near the sewer beds off South Shore Road, and off Tom Nevers field.

Morgan Sayle, the town’s new coastal resources technician assigned to the Natural Resources Department, briefed the Coastal Resiliency Advisory Committee Tuesday morning about the new erosion monitoring effort

The three stations include a series of stakes placed at varying intervals used for measuring points. Ultimately they will provide a greater understanding of island erosion rates, she said, especially around important municipal infrastructure.

In those locations, that would include roads, the wastewater treatment facility, and a town-owned recreation area. Measurements will be taken on a  monthly basis, but also immediately following major storm events with high winds.

Sayle briefed the committee on the significant recent erosion near the sewer beds, where a cumulative total of 22 feet of shoreline has been lost just this month.

Note: the blue line along the bluff in the aerial photo above is a “rough approximation” Sayle said.

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