Tour Van Driver Arrested For Hitting Food Truck Worker At Cisco Brewery

The driver of a tour van was arrested Sunday in the Cisco Brewers parking lot after allegedly driving into and striking a man three times with her vehicle after a verbal dispute. The victim suffered only “minimal injury.”

Ara Charder, the owner of Ara’s Tours, was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon following the altercation, which occurred just before the brewery closed around 7 p.m.

After being arrested, Charder’s tour van was towed, and she claims a bag containing her late dog’s ashes was seized by police under the suspicion that it contained drugs. Charder, 74, denied the allegations, and said her dog’s ashes have not yet been returned.

According to Sgt. Kevin Marshall’s report, the incident began when a worker from the 167 Raw food truck approached Charder’s white van and asked her to move, as the vehicle was blocking the driveway of the brewery. Charder allegedly refused multiple requests to move the vehicle, until finally putting it into gear. But instead of leaving, the report states Charder turned towards the man and bumped him with the vehicle three times.

“During the first two contacts (the victim) states she yelled, ‘MOVE’,” Marshall wrote in his report. “After the third time making contact with him she finally came to a stop. (The victim) requested she identify herself to which she began cursing at him and proceeded to drive away.”

There were several tour passengers in the van during the altercation.

Charder drove away before police arrived, but then came back to the brewery after having dropped off the passengers and was arrested.

Reached by phone yesterday, Charder said “There was no contact and I don’t know what the gentleman’s problem was. He had a problem with someone in my vehicle. He was not hit by me. He ran after my car. I never said one word to him. He obviously wanted to cause a problem.”

Charder is also being served with a no trespass order barring her from the brewery. 

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