Land Bank Closes On 68 Nobadeer Avenue For $2.8 Million

Shortly after announcing its acquisition of 70 Washington Street on Tuesday, the Land Bank indicated its spending spree for the day wasn’t over.

The organization also trumpeted the purchase of 68 Nobadeer Avenue for $2.8 million. The 2.25-acre parcel, located next to an existing Land Bank property that is used for the Nobadeer Beach parking lot, was acquired with the financial assistance of nearby property owners who kicked in $1.8 million themselves.

“This parcel abuts existing Land Bank property and contains maritime shrubland habitat utilized by northern harriers and keystone moth species, set just inland from the south shore dune system,” the Land Bank stated in its announcement. “The land was primarily purchased for its conservation value but is also strategically located to expand public parking for the popular Nobadeer Beach in the future, if needed.”

The seller was an entity known as ACK TOW LLC, which is registered to Brian Harris, who owns property along the abutting Weweeder Avenue.

Since the start of 2022, the Land Bank has already spent $22.5 million for properties at Eel Point, East Creek Road, Washington Street, and now, Nobadeer Avenue as well.

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