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Summer may be winding down on the island but Nantucket theatre is ramping UP!

Most notably, White Heron Theatre Company will be presenting the world premiere of Evanston Salt Costs Climbing, a New Neighborhood Los Angeles collaboration with Tony Award-winning producer Una Jackman and Rebecca Kitt. A “hysterical, edgy look at life in a salt shack with the workers who salt the roads in Evanston, Illinois,” this dark and quirky comedy offers an insightful, and timely, look at the space in which environmental and economic concerns collide.

In advance of the show’s August 31st premiere, N Magazine checked in with one of the stars, Justin Kirk of Showtime’s WEEDS fame, to get the inside track on why this production is a must for your September social calendar.

N MAGAZINE: If you had to describe Evanston Salt Costs Climbing in only three words, what would they be?

KIRK: Hilarious. Existential. Dread.

N MAGAZINE: What do audiences have to look forward to in this show?

KIRK: I cannot stress strongly enough how you, dear reader, must come see this play. It’s a comedy, it’s scary, it’s beautiful and moving, it looks and sounds cool… and it is the FIRST EVER world premiere at the White Heron. This show will be done many places but the Nantucket audience will be the only one to see it in its initial molten lava stage!

N MAGAZINE: Can you describe your relationship with and connection to New Neighborhood?

KIRK: I’m a proud member of this formidable amorphous theatrical collective. Many of them are among my close friends and all of them are more talented than they have any right to be.

N MAGAZINE: This is the world premiere of Evanston Salt Costs Climbing. Is there any added pressure when performing a show for the first time?

KIRK: I don’t know about pressure but it’s a special honor and privilege to do a play as it’s initially finding itself.

N MAGAZINE: Is there anything about your character that you related to when you first read the script?

KIRK: At this point it’s hard to remember the first read but I relate to him more and more every day. Best not to say more…

N MAGAZINE: What is your favorite line from the show and why?

KIRK: I try not to do favorites but here’s a fun one: “Yeh. Okay. Peter. Okay. Mmmmmmm okay listen. Okay. Let me just try to. Okay. You’re reminding me so much of. Nevermind. Mmm. Hm. Yeh. No I mean. Right right right.”

N MAGAZINE: Do you have any pre-show rituals?

KIRK: Try not to die (no understudies at the White Heron). Wait what? I meant stay hydrated!

N MAGAZINE: You’ve performed across theatre, television, and film. Which is your favorite medium of performing and why?

KIRK: I feel extremely fortunate that I get to bounce around. They all have their pros and cons (mostly pros).

N MAGAZINE: What’s coming up next for you professionally? Any plays, series, or films that our readers can look forward to seeing you in?

KIRK: I’m on a new show called KIDDING on Showtime, and I play Scooter Libby (!) in the upcoming Dick Cheney biopic BACKSEAT.

N MAGAZINE: How has your time on Nantucket been so far? Any highlights?

KIRK: I really kinda dig this place. It’s weird! Have been holed up while we put the play together but once we’re up I plan to be out and about a little. Be nice to me if you see me on the street!

Evanston Salt Costs Climbing will run August 31 – September 15 at White Heron Theatre Company, with a special Opening Night Celebration August 31st co-hosted with Nantucket blACKbook. For tickets and more information, click here.

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