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With Halloween just 10 short days away, the candy corn has been purchased and the jack-o-lanterns have been carved. That just leaves the age-old, annual question: what will your costume be? While there’s always Island Variety and for your ready-to-wear options, why not get a little crafty this year? We pow-wowed with the creative team over at White Heron Theater Company – who are no strangers to intricate and eye-catching costuming – to see what Nantucket-inspired outfits they recommend for Halloween 2017.

For the Dreamland-lover: A POPCORN BOX

– You’ll need a red and white striped pencil skirt – or if you don’t have a striped skirt already, you can use a red skirt and tape strips of white tape lengthwise down the skirt – and a white t-shirt
– Use white and yellow tissue paper streamers to create little rosettes
– Using fabric glue or another strong glue, secure the rosettes to cover the entire front (and back if you’re feeling ambitious!) of the shirt
– For an additional prop, carry around a popcorn box of popcorn

For the late-night concert-goer: THE CHICKEN BOX

– Snag a large cardboard box and cut out the bottom completely
– Cut holes on the two sides for your arms and on the top for your head
– Use paint or markers to draw the famous BOX logo on the front
– Use white, yellow, and red construction paper to create a simple chicken hat to top off the outfit

For the Greydon House Cup-sipper: A PINEAPPLE

– Find your favorite yellow dress
– Buy green construction paper or poster board and cut out leaves of six different lengths
– Get an empty toilet paper tube and super glue or hot glue your leaves – longest first, layering the shorter lengths of leaves as you go – to the tube
– Super glue or hot glue the tube to a headband

For the soon-to-be Lighthouse School mom: A TROLL

– Throw on a skin-colored unitard (or alternatively, go for khakis and a neutral long-sleeve top)
– Super glue a bright-colored jewel onto the unitard or top in the location of your bellybutton
– Top it off with a brightly colored, pointed wig

For the Nantucket autumn-enthusiast: A CRANBERRY BOG

– Attach small or under-inflated red balloons to a red tutu (or for a guy, attach around a belt) using super glue
– Throw on a flannel shirt and a pair of galoshes and you’re ready to go

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